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We have plans to install a new kitchen and also alter the existing toilet to be fully accessible.  Donations to this project are welcomed.
The garden at the side and to the rear of the Church has been managed as a wildflower garden for some years.  Hundreds of bulbs have been lovingly planted by a keen gardener in our congregation, Maureen, many
of which were donated by villagers.  Native wild flower seed has also been introduced.  In spring the daffodils, tulips and crocuses bloom but also many primroses.  Snowdrops and cowslips have been introduced, which are doing really well, snake’s-head fritillary, wood anemone and bluebells are gradually spreading.  Butterflies visit this environment and include the painted lady, peacock, small blue butterfly and the rarer purple emporer has also been spotted, as well as damsel flies. The trees in spring are covered in blossom which the bees love.  When the spring flowers are over the long season meadow takes over, red and white campion, the rarer bladder campion, field scabious, greater and lesser knapweed, vetches, hay rattle, yarrow, stitchworts, umbellifers and others.
 In July 2017 the Church celebrated its 125th anniversary.  With the help of local historians, Gina and Adrian Clarke, and the Sheffield Methodist District’s archivist John Tranter, we were able to put on a display of local and history and our Church’s history over the years.  This event was very well attended. The Sheffield Methodist District Chair, Rev Gill Newton, led us in a service of celebration and re-dedication on Saturday 8th July.  For anyone interested in reading the commemorative booklet which gives a potted history of the church please see here

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