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Thank you for visiting Central Methodist Church web site, where we will try to tell you about ourselves.

We worship  in the heart of Chesterfield, where we seek to fulfil our Christian calling through witness, service and challenge.

We believe that the Christian Message of love and reconciliation provides meaning and challenge to all ages, and our worship style is designed to be relevant to a large (typically 125 -150) congregation who value thoughtful, varied and imaginative worship.

We believe that the Christian Way involves heart, mind and body, and our activities include Bible Study, and Fellowship Groups, as well as opportunities to meet more informally.

We believe that our Christian Purpose includes providing service to the town, and our activities include a Coffee Bar and Bookshop, a Day Care Centre for the Elderly and a Toddler Group.

We believe that Christians are called to think beyond their immediate neighbourhood, and we are actively involved in promoting Traidcraft.

We are, though, aware of our limitations, and therefore constantly seek to enhance our Christian witness, service and challenge


Current Issues

Like many churches in Britain, one of the things we are concerned about at the moment is the impact universal credit is having on families. A spokesperson for the Methodist church called it “A benefit system which drives families into debt and leaves people hungry is a failing benefit system”. Read more here.




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