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Covid 19 pandemic

We have continued to operate during the Covid 19 pandemic, initially virtually and now with limited reopening for Worship. From the beginning of September, services will take place at 1500 each Sunday.

For more information, please contact Rev Margaret Mwailu (01246 556 331; rkm2681@aol.com).

From the steps, looking out, and from the steps looking in

Rooted in Jesus, Rooted in Community

We believe that our primary purpose is to proclaim the Kingdom of God, and this involves being part of our local community as well as worship on Sundays.

Our activities therefore include new opportunities for people otherwise on their own to meet and share, and long standing coffee mornings open to the community; we host a growing group of Guides and Brownies, and our premises are used by other organisations.

However, our premises were not well suited to the growing level of activity, so we have undertaken a major refurbishment of the sanctuary:

* to provide a modern and welcoming ‘worship area’

* to serve the increasing local community needs for social interaction

* to improve disabled access, and external visual appearance 

* to reduce the carbon footprint

Special Notice: Reopening of Wesley’s Coffee Shop

Our ‘Coffee Shop at Wesley’s’, part of our meeting the community activities, has moved into the refurbished sanctuary, and will be open every Saturday morning.

A service of Celebration of Completion, and Dedication, was held on Saturday 30th September: the speaker was Rev Gill Newton, Chair of Sheffield Methodist District, with contributions from neighbourhood churches and representatives of the local community. 

The service provided an opportunity to thank all who have contributed in any way, and for all to celebrate with us a new chapter in the life of Hasland Methodist Church and its role in the centre of the local community. 

A significant part of the funding has been raised locally, but we are also indebted to the Chesterfield Methodist Circuit, the Sheffield Methodist District, and the Methodist Church nationally for support. Without all of them, the work would not have been possible.

Refurbishment of Sanctuary in Pictures

A pictorial story of the refurbishment is shown in “New and Events; and a slide show with many more pictures is in development in the gallery.


There has been a Methodist presence in Hasland since the 1830’s. There used to be two Methodist Churches in Hasland. The Primitive Methodist Chapel was located on Chapel Lane East. It moved to new premises on Hasland Road in 1901. The Wesleyan Methodist Church was located on the Green. The Primitive and Wesleyan strands came together in the early 20th Century and they continued to worship in the Primitive Methodist building and worship continues here to this day.

We have two worship services on a Sunday as well as numerous church and community groups that meet on the premises or in people’s homes.

We seek to be a church that offers a warm welcome to anyone who comes through the door for any reason.

We are part of the Chesterfield Methodist Circuit, a group of Methodist churches which covers an area across Chesterfield. We are also part of the Sheffield Methodist District and the British Methodist Church.

To find out more about the work and make up of the Sheffield Methodist District, please visit their website at www.sheffieldmethodist.org

To find out more about the British Methodist Church and the work that it does both nationally and internationally, visit their website www.methodist.org.uk.

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