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Sanctuary Refurbishment in pictures

Stage 0: as we were:

Pictures (clockwise): drawing of planned glass panelled main entrance; existing main entrance; interior from choir (1); interior (2); interior (3) Eastwood Park from main entrance.

Stage 1:  preparation: clearing pews; levelling floor; and refurbishment of screen between vestibule and sanctuary: These pictures show, in clockwise oder: 1)  the sanctuary with the pews removed and ‘parked’ awaiting collection; 2) the difference in floor levels between pews and aisles; 3) supports for the new level floor; and 4)  screen with coloured glass removed.

(Click on any picture for larger image)


Stage 2: Ceiling. Pictures left to right: fitting insulation on sloping section; plasterboard fitted to sloping section, and new supports for horizontal section; plastering of sloping section.

Stage 2 – continued. Pictures left to right: ceiling with most of the plasterboard in place; general view of work in progress in sanctuary; floorboards beneath pulpit and communion area.





Stage 3. Decorating.

detail of ceiling  


Vestibule screen

Stage 4: Floor and ramps

Stage 5: Front Door

general view of door and disabled access ramp; close up of door being fitted.




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