The Electric Church (T.E.C)

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TEC: What’s happening right now?

Twice a week, TEC meet for informal discussion about faith, the position of the church in today’s society and some of the bigger issues like justice, discrimination and the use of technology.

Where: Saltergate Central Methodist Church, Chesterfield

When: Wednesday, Sunday – 7 – 8:30pm


TEC: Events

Friday Night In

The last Friday of every month, we run a film and games night. Armed with popcorn, drinks and our best thinking caps, we look at what the film might be trying to say and if there’s a hidden message in there. More than anything, it’s a chance for young people and youth leaders to sit down, relax and catch up.

Where: Saltergate Methodist Church, Chesterfield

When: The last Friday of every month, 6 – 9pm


TEC: Dyference Weekend

In 2016, we took over proceedings at the Hope Valley Centre in Derbyshire and ran a weekend for the young people. Adventure courses, rock-climbing and a home-made rave set up by yours truly.

An absolutely phenomenal trip with churches from all over the Chesterfield and Sheffield district. Stay tuned for more in the future.


TEC: Charity Footie Tournament

In 2015, all the local churches assembled football teams together to raise money for those fighting Leukemia. On the Brampton Astro courts, all squads battled for supremacy. It was hard fought with many an excellent goal scored, but when the dust settled, there could only be one winner…


TEC: Bible in One Year!

In 2011 TEC followed Soul Survivor’s Bible in One Year. It took a a section of the Old Testament, a smaller section of the New Testament and smaller parts of Psalms or Proverbs each day. It lasted for 365 days & by 31st August 2012 we aimed to read the whole Bible.

It was a struggle that challenged a lot of us at TEC. Even though not all of us were able to complete the mammoth task, parts of the Bible which we may never have read really spoke out to us. Chapters such as Ephesians, Corinthians, Ruth and Proverbs are some of the firm favourites.

Nevertheless, we found it so successful that as the years have gone on, we’ve revived the challenge of reading the holy book!

Soul Survivor put up daily blogs or video’s to help explain some of these we read through it daily.

Time: – Any time

Place: – Where ever you are with you BIOY

Today’s Soul Survivor devotions

We’d like to encourage you to carry on with it this year and beyond. As a youth group, we’re always looking at how to read the Bible in a way that makes it more down to Earth.

If you would like to check out the bible verse of today click here

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